What can be done in the water? Swim, sunbathe on a rubber tire, ride a bike, or kayak, or even more … SUP!

SUP (stand up) – Stand Up Paddle is the most common standing paddling in Hungarian. It’s a sport you can try without anybody, regardless of age and gender, and enjoy it. A SUP can be used for a lot of things. From water-hiking, cardio-training to yoga, everything is perfect, even for fishing. Man in silence, “walking on the water” can discover the world, admire nature, observe wildlife and wildlife without disturbing or damaging it.

The SUP provides a great relaxation for the whole family as SUP is absolutely safe, yet exciting. Last but not least, swimming on SUP is a great way to exercise and relax. Anyone who tries it once does not look the same way with the same eye.

Standing up does not require prequalification, you can use it in just a few minutes – it’s easier to learn than to ride a bike or swim. All you need is a large special surfboard, its awning, and some sense of balance. The hardest part is the line up on the board, but after a few minutes of practice, it’s all good for everyone to succeed. Paddling is straightforwardly childish – the more discreet when sitting or kneeling on their sups. And that’s almost all about an enjoyable SUP – we just have to look for the right sight and roadmates. We will all give this to you when you are with us.

In our country, the SUP is available on almost any water surface. Lake Balaton, the Lake Velence, the mining lakes and rivers offer a multitude of opportunities for paddling for smaller and larger trips. There is only one place in the country, which is an exception to the free SUP.: The capital section of the Danube, where it can be taken with such a device only by special permission. We’ve got the necessary permissions, so whoever you want, you can now try this site.

Like most manufacturers, our favorite RRD SUPs are also available in inflatable, easy-to-carry designs. This gave an extra boost to the incredible propagation of the sport. The inflatable SUP has the obvious advantage of being easily transported in its backpack. It’s light, it only takes a few minutes and can be used immediately.

In this great video, you can see how an inflatable SUP works.


Here is another wonderful video about one of our tour:

The Beginning – Somewhere Tomorrow from RRD International on Vimeo.