Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected the questions that are most interested in you.

I haven't used SUP before, is this a problem?
Even iIf you have never been on a SUP, you will also be welcome. SUP padding is quick to learn, you will need just a sense of balance. Before the event, we will briefly train and practice with the participants on the site.
Is there any age limit?
There is no lower age limit, but children under the age of 8-9 are less likely to enjoy long-distance paddling. If you want, you can bring your children. Up to 2 people can stay on one SUP: 2 adults or 1 child and 1 adult. Children under 10 don't have to pay fee for participation.
Can two people raw on one SUP?
Yes, if you have your own SUP or you rent, but the weight of the two does not exceed 110 kg. In this case, you should hire only one board, but the participation fee is per person, not per board.
I can't swim, can I still go?
Everyone can take part in the event at his or her own risk. As a water sport, it is advisable for all participants to have the ability of swimming. ATTENTION! The life jacket must be worn for the entire duration of the event for everyone (even if you can swim)!
What if I do not feel good, so I can not finish the whole run?
Our escorting ships follow us even for such cases - who feels bad or for any reason interrupts the voyage can return to the departure with the escorting ships.