General conditions for participation in the Budapest SUP event and for SUP

Owner of the website and organizer of the event: Kiteline Sport És Szabadidős Közhasznú Egyesület Address: 1123 Budapest Alkotás Utca 11. Tax number: 18115305-1-43 (hereinafter organizer)

General conditions

1.1 The organizer is not a travel agency, organizes and hosts sports, leisure and recreational activities only.

2. Terms of the event

For participating in the event is required the purchase of the participation fee and a home-printed, filled out and signed declaration of liability.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, the participants must arrive in time before the commencement of the paddling: the participants with their own SUPs are to arrive 1 hour before the start of the paddling, the hired-SUP participants are to arrive 2,5 hours earlier.

Everyone can take part in the event, regardless of age and gender, whose health condition and performance allow for the anticipated distance and course performance.

The participant is obliged to inform the organizer of any medication that may be present, the use of agents that have an effect on performance and concentration, and any illness that may temporarily affect the state of consciousness or physical ability.

Prohibited of consumption of alcohol or any drugs before / during the event! Organizers can exclude from the event drunk people and drug users.

Highly recommended the ability of swimming and “water security”.

For participation in the event is not required any previous experience in any rowing sport.

Participate the event at your own risk! The organizer won’t be liable for any accidents, injuries or damages.

Children under 10 years can participate for free!

At the event, a child under 14 y/o can participate only with parental guidance, between 14 and 18 years only with adult accompaniments.

I’t allowed to bring to the event well-socialized dogs who are adapted for water and SUP boards.

Wearing a life jacket for everyone on the Danube while rowing compulsory.

Each participant is to bypass the ships, piers and moving vehicles on water, keeping the safety distance. Participants are obliged to keep a minimum 30 up to 60 meters destence from shore during rafting.

Diving / swimming in the Danube is strictly prohibited and life-threatening. If the participant falls for some reason in the water, they should try to get back to the board as soon as possible. If this is not possible for any reason, one of the ships accompanying the event will take care of the discharge of the person who has been dropped into the water.

The organizer has the right to exclude a person from the tour for the entire duration of the event, who while disregarding these instructions, endangers his / her own or others physical integrity and equipment, or fails to comply with the organizer’s instructions.

The participant accepts that the organizer will not be liable for any physical damage resulting from the use of the equipment owned by the participant.

The participant is liable for any damages caused by him or her to the organizer or other participant.


Participation fee information:

The fee can be purchased online at and at a pre-arranged appointment at the organizer’s showroom (Address: B1015 Budapest, Batthyány utca 15). At the venue wrist bands will be available in a limited number, and we will be able to provide only cash payment.

The paid participation fee does not include travel, accommodation, food or insurance costs. If the organizer offers such services in connection with the event, it must be purchased in addition to the participation fee, otherwise the participant must arrange for travel, transportation, meals, insurance and other supplementary services.

The prize / prizes already paid will not be refunded by the organizer. Participants may purchase 100% of the purchased or unused participation fees on products or services found on the websites operated by the organizer ( or within 365 days.

The participation fee is transferable to anyone free of charge – but it’s required to notice the organizer about the tranfer! The unused, but paid participation fee can be purchased in full value within the 365 days from the date of payment, at the webshop operated by the organizer.


Weather Information:

The water levels of rivers can become very extreme depending on the precipitation, which can seriously affect the nature of the water. We reserve the right to change the tour plan for the safety of the participants. If the tour is postponed for this reason, we will provide a new time for the event.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event or programs (subject to a new event) for reasons beyond its control (eg extreme weather conditions, unavoidable natural phenomena, technical barriers). If the applicant fails to take part in a tour that is otherwise organized by the organizer, he / she will voluntarily waive the repayment of the fee paid or any claim for damages.

Rental information: It is possible to pay a participation fee for the event, which only holds 1 SUP and its associated awning – together as a tool – for the duration of the event. Participants take part in the event, hereinafter referred to as tenants, are obliged to comply with the rules of the event and the rental of the equipment by the organizer.

Requests for equipment rental can be received no later than 3 days before the start of the event, up to the maximum number of available devices. Rental of equipment with a participation fee can be purchased online at and at a pre-agreed date at the organizer’s showroom (Address: B1015 Budapest, Batthyány street 15).

There are two types of rentable equipment: single and double SUP boards. When ordering, please indicate that one or two persons will use the device – if two people want to use it your order should include the combined weight of the persons (it can’t be above 110 kg).

At the event, the hired SUP participants must arrive at least 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled departing time in order to have sufficient time for the transfer and inflation of the hired SUPs. After the designated date, the seized assets may be issued by the organizer to other participants. On the day and at the venue of the event, renting a device is only possible if a participant does not appear at the event and can thus release the device seized by the organizer to the new participant.

A prepaid SUP-rental can be canceled at least 72 hours before the event in writing to the organizer’s e-mail address ( In this case, the participation fee and rents can be purchased in full value within 365 days of payment, in the webshop operated by the organizer, for products and services.

The organizer has no obligation to repay or pay for participation and rental fees in respect of any previously disbursed, but not rescinded, or non-transferable assets.

If, for any reason, the organizer can not provide the participant with the equipment for the event, the organizer is obliged to pay the full participation fee and the charges for the rental of the equipment to the participant within 8 days after the event. The organizer has no other liability for damages anymore.

In relation to the renting of assets, tenants must undertake the following conditions:

  • The participant is required to take full responsibility for the use of the SUP, paddles and other objects (eg life jackets), throughout the event, from the beginning of the event to the return, both on land and on the water.
  • Any liability for any physical damage, loss or theft resulting from the use of the device is the sole responsibility of the participant!
  • The participant must immediately collect the paddle after it has been dropped into the water, avoiding the paddle’ immersion.
  • Liabilities will also be levied on leased assets when the asset is rented to another participant.
  • GPS trackers in the rented equipments have been set to ensure that stolen / lost devices can easily be found. Organizer does not take responsibility for the operation of GPS devices. The tenant in respect of the lost / stolen devices has full responsibility.
  • If the device can be repaired the Participant will be entitled to reimbursement of the damage caused by the destruction, loss or theft of the assets and equipments, by the following conditions:
  • Corrective Damage: If the repair cost does not exceed 50% of the new retail price of the SUP board, the total repair cost will be borne by the lessee.
  • Non-repairable Damage: If the repair cost exceeds 50% of the new retail price of the SUP board or 100% of the new retail price of the SUP board, or in case of total destruction, loss or theft.
  • To inform you, the retail price of the new state-of-the-art SUP boards is from 190.000 to 360.000 HUF.

Paddle and life jackets (other items):

  • Corrective Damage: If the repair cost does not exceed 50% of the new retail price of the leased item, the full repair cost will be borne by the lessee.
  • Non-repairable Damage: If the repair cost exceeds 50% of the retail price of the leased object, or in the case of total destruction, loss or theft, 100% of the retail price of the leased item is in the new state.

If a leased vehicle is stolen during the rental period, organizer reports it to the police!


The possibility to exchange T-shirts and slippers at the venue is limited.

If we can not replace the product at the venue, in our shop (Batthyány utca 15) it can be replaced within 2 weeks after the event.

For the sake of smooth administration, we would like to receive feedback via e-mail about what product the participant received and what would she or he like to get instead of the received product.