After the eight Budapest SUP event, here is the ninth opportunity to see our wonderful Budapest from a completely new perspective – from the very center of the Danube. With this event, we can satisfy not only the hungarian and foreign SUP society, but also those who love nature, open to new activities and would like to see Budapest from the river. Are you curious now what is SUP? Click here to find more information about it.

Date: June 29, 2024

Come and row through Budapest – but standing up! The number of participants is limited, so you should book your time sooner than later if you don’t plan to wait a whole year for the next opportunity. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it… this extraordinary experience is priceless!!

Our path runs from Római part to Kopaszi-gát. On the way, we will admire both sides of the city from an amazing point of view. We’ll look at the bridges from below, wave to the pedestrians on the beach and make a group-selfie with the Parlament in the background. Meanwhile, photographers and video makers capture every moment of the event from the water, the shore, and the air. And luckily you can join to us!

If youre interested in it, you can find the details below.

And if you’re wondering how we spent time together last year, here are the pictures – if you haven’t seen it yet, do not miss the video either or the video of the last event last year.

Don’t you want to miss this super experience, right? Then quickly book your place because the number of participiants is limited.

If you do not have SUP, don’t worry, you can rent it from us. And if you want to come with your own SUP or just buy one for the summer then visit our website and check out our offer. If you buy SUP now you can take part in the event for free!

Budapest SUP 2024 Event details:


Meeting point: Duna Café Grill and Drink Bar

You can register from 8:00 am at the venue of the start.

Please arrive until 9:00 am if you rent a Sup.

You can register until 10:00 am (on the venue) if you have your own sup.

10:45 Safety briefing

At 10:20 we will close the registration !!!!

Start: 11:00 – Everyone must be on the water.

Arrival around 1:40 -2:00 pm behind Ponyvaregény restaurant

Transfer starts from Kopaszi-gát parking zone at 3:00 pm

The event will not be held only in case of lightning and windstorms. We will keep it in rain and in any other case. Maximum we will be wettish.

You have to wear life jacket. If you do not have please rent it. You can rent life jacket from the Kayak house nearby the Danube or on the Internet. Unfortunately we cannot provide more life jackets.

Date of event: June 29nd of 2024

Important Informations:

  • WARNING! FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST WEAR ARMBAN AND LIFE JACKET! We hand over the armband at the departure’s place if you have pre-registered and have paid the fee for that.
  • The presence of the armband is constantly monitored during the event. The waterguard can start a procedure against anyone who doesn’t wear armband or lifevest (or neither o them)!
  • Life jackets must be worn to everyone during the event! It is forbidden and dangerous to paddle on the Danube without a life vest! Those who do not bring a life jacket can not attend the event!
  • Do not jump in the water! If possible, try to stay on the SUP and do not fall into the water!
  • At the event everyone can take part in his / her own responsibility, swimming ability is recommended.
  • Standing and moving boats must be avoided in a large arc so that the ships do not swirle in their voyage or in a place that can be dangerous.
  • Up to 2 people can stay on a SUP, 2 adults or 1 child and 1 adult. Children under 10 are free to participate.
  • At the departure place, everyone must sign a statement to attend the event at his or her own risk.
  • Swimming in the Danube it is strictly prohibited and life-threatening!
  • It is forbidden to paddle in the front of the leader motorboat!
  • It is recommended for all participants to use suncream and hats and to supply drinking water.
  • Before and during the whole event the participants are not allowed to use alcohol and other consciousness modifiers!

If you have any questions, please email us to or call  +36-70-453-2410 from 10.00 am. to 6.00 pm.